In Avoir LTD personal approach always takes No 1 priority. Your smooth and fast transportation on the ground or in the air is our main goal. Manner of delivery is accurate 100% without fail, whether we transport passengers or cargo. No doubts, delivery will come safe and won’t fail your schedule, so you do not have to wait for hundred years for it or to search what moment it got lost. 

Transportation by ground, managed by Avoir LTD, is made according your plan, schedule and other demands, connected to time and place. Confiding us your goods and time resource you are always sure that it is in right hands. On-ground transfer by Avoir LTD will suit everyone, even of the number of passengers comes unexpected. 

We know how important your every arrival is. Thus, our airport supervisor will meet you at the aircraft landing for attending all your on-ground necessities.

In Avior LTD we are open for your requirements 24/7 without exceptions. We strive to meet all demands for your plans and to give you more than it was expected.